• Account queries

  • Is there a trial period?

    We're happy to set up an account for you to explore Elasticine with for up to 2 weeks. Get in touch with us now!

  • What's the cost and what's included?

    We have 3 pricing plans. In all of them, you can create unlimited artists, users, bookings, and upload unlimited files -- in fact, there are no limits on anything within the system at all!

    On the solo (pay as you go) plan, we'll charge you for chunks of 25 bookings entered on the system each month. So you only need to pay as much as you use. However, you don't get any included on-boarding support or training.

    On the encore package you get unlimited bookings every month as well -- your usage of the entire system will have no limits. We'll give each employee in your agency training (we find that an hour per person is easily enough to get people comfortable with our key features), migrate your existing data onto the system, and we'll sit down with you to map out your current workflows and processes and let you know how best to translate them to our platform.

    On the maestro package you're a VIP client. You get everything from our other packages, but we'll also provide a free document white-labelling service (in which you send us your current document templates and we'll import them for usage onto the system for ultimate brand continuity), we'll provide a significant allowance of business hours support, and we'll work closely with you on our development plan. You'll have a stake in the future direction of our feature-set and it'll be adapted to your needs.

  • How do I sign up to Elasticine?

    Just click any of the "request a demo" buttons dotted around our site (like the one at the bottom of this page!) and schedule a demo with us. We'll be in touch to take you through the next steps.

  • What are the benefits of using Elasticine?

    Elasticine was initially designed based on years of experience running an agency. We combine a wealth of knowledge and opinions on best practices with modern technology and a fundamental philosophy of continuous improvement.

    Running your agency with Elasticine will not only save you huge amounts of valuable time -- by automating the drudgery away, providing easy organisation of all your bookings, and providing unique insights into your data -- but also links you in with our innovation roadmap.

    We believe in close collaboration with our clients: we'll work with you to identify the key blockages in your workflows and processes, and we'll build features that help automate away the pain. We share our innovations with all our clients; together, we are building the music industry of the future.

  • Using Elasticine

  • How many users can I have?

    We don't believe in user limits! Set up as many user accounts as you want or need to make your life easy.

  • How quickly can I get set up with Elasticine?

    It depends on the size of your agency and your onboarding needs. We can get you an account up-and-running today. Data migration usually takes a couple of days, and white-labelling document templates will need at least a week.

  • Is there a limit on file sizes?

    There's no limit on the amount of space you can take up -- you can upload as many files as you want to any of our file areas. Profile pics are limited to a couple of MB (you won't need more than that!) and you can upload files of up to half a gigabyte at a time.

  • Does Elasticine connect to my work email?

    If you use gmail, we have a gmail interaction that lets Elasticine send emails via your mailbox -- all your correspondence will show up in your sent items so you don't have to change your email workflow.

    If not, Elasticine's built in email workflows will be all you need -- emails will appear to come from you, and when the recipient clicks reply it will come straight back to you. You can turn on auto-CC so all sent email appears in your inbox, and we have our own sent-box so you can keep track of your email history.

  • Can I connect email systems other than gmail?

    Not at the moment, but we're working on it! In the meantime, Elasticine's built in email workflows will be all you need -- emails will appear to come from you, and when the recipient clicks reply it will come straight back to you. You can turn on auto-CC so all sent email appears in your inbox, and we have our own sent-box so you can keep track of your email history.

  • Is there a limit on how many artists I can add?

    Nope! Add as many as you want. We don't believe in limits.

  • Can I use my own document templates?

    Yes! You just need to get in contact with us. The Elasticine document editing system is pretty advanced and we'll need a few days to replicate your templates. If you're on our solo or encore package there's a small fee.

  • What software/operating system is best for Elasticine?

    All you need is a web browser! Elasticine is fully hosted in the cloud. We recommend Google Chrome (it's our favourite) but Elasticine will work fine in any modern browser such as Firefox or Safari.

  • Is there an Elasticine app?

    Not at the moment. It's part of our development roadmap. Do let us know if you have a specific feature you want -- we're a big believer in collaborative development.

  • Can I connect my accounting software to Elasticine?

    We have exports that can be easily imported into Kashflow and Xero. Further account integration is on our development roadmap.

  • How do I migrate my data onto Elasticine?

    Just let us know and we'll get your data imported. We may need to write a specialised importer depending on the format of your current data, but it shouldn't take longer than a few days to get everything ready for you. There may be a small fee depending on which subscription you have.

  • Can Elasticine automtically update my website?

    Yes! We have a public website feed that your web person can easily integrate. If your website is Wordpress, we also have a handy plugin to automate much of the process. To find out more, just get in contact and we'll start you on the path to automated website heaven.

  • Who is the Elasticine portal for?

    We have portals for artists, managers, and promoters. Each specialises in displaying different information tailored for the user. Request a demo and we can take you through each one.

  • How do I keep up-to-date with Elasticine's new features?

    When you request a demo, or become a client of Elasticine, we'll add you to our mailing list. When we add new features, we'll let everyone know.


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