The next-generation agency management platform

  • End-to-end booking management
  • Automated and intelligent tools
  • Unique data insight and workflow features
  • Curated promoter & venue database
  • Calendar integrations
  • Mobile-optimised artist & management portals
  • Adaptable workflows
  • Payment tracking & management
  • Centralised file and data stores
  • Artist availability checker
  • Easy integration with your email workflows
  • Embeddable request forms & website feeds

I often compare it to having 2 assistants working with me full time
Ben Coghill, Field Artists

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How it works

We automatically track where you are in your booking

Elasticine automates administrative tasks at every stage, and lets you know what needs to be done and when

Rich datesheets and advanced search make it easy to keep on top of your bookings



Deal Memo



Ticket Sales


  • Planning & managing your bookings

    • Seamless & end-to-end: take your bookings from inception to performance
    • Innovative organisational tools let you slice and dice your booking data any way you want
    • Artist availability checker to see when your artists are free
    • Calendar app integration for you and your artists, so nothing gets missed
    • Search features let you find and evaluate promoters and venues
    • Online, website embeddable request form to get enquires direct from promoters
  • Negotiating deals

    • Our detailed data model lets you track & customise every aspect of your offer
    • Ask questions of your data to help optimise your position
    • Use our unique workflow lab to replace your spreadsheets
    • Custom payment schedules, flexible tax & currency options, advanced production arrangement management
    • Fast and stress-free reporting to artists and management
  • Deal Memos

    • Powerful and automatic online deal memos
    • Save information to your booking in seconds
    • Chase all your awaited responses with advanced & batch email features
    • Save yourself and your team hours of data entry every day
  • Sending contracts & invoices

    • Create and send contracts faster than ever before
    • Online signing ensures more of your contracts are returned
    • Advanced document editor makes fine-tuning quick & easy
    • Custom templating available to ensure brand continuity
    • Gmail integration helps you keep your workflow in your inbox
  • Itinerary creation & management

    • Gather information online from promoters
    • Generate beautiful itinerary PDFs for artists in seconds
    • Easily create multi-show itineraries for tours
    • Mobile-optimised artist portal lets your artist check their arrangements on the go
    • Itinerary file areas let you manage all your passes, tickets, and approvals in one place
  • Gather and report ticket sales

    • Automatically track when ticket sales reports are needed
    • Promoter portal means you can receive ticket reports direct from promoter
    • Quickly & painlessly create ticket sales reports for as many bookings as you want
    • Get predictions on final ticket count
  • Track and chase payments

    • Support for a huge variety of payment structures (deposit/balance, artist/booking fee, etc)
    • Super-fast invoicing
    • Automated deadline tracking ensures you never miss a payment
    • Fast export of bookings data for further analysis
    • Custom exports for use with Xero, Kashflow & Quickbooks
  • Analyse & optimise

    • Algorithms and data fuel Elasticine & our constant innovation
    • Analytic dashboards keep you on top
    • Detailed filters & searches let you dive deep into your own data
    • Fully integrate with your website so you never have to update again
    • Gain unique insight and outclass your competition

Why Elasticine?

We combine years of experience in the music industry with the latest technology.

Elasticine is intelligent. Our smart features will help you super-charge your agency.

We care about and collaborate closely with our clients. We'll work together to optimise and scale your experience with Elasticine.

Plans & Pricing

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solo package

Pay as you go

£50 for 25 bookings each month
for small & new clients
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Artists
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Automatic data backup
  • All elasticine's features & innovations
maestro package


for enterprise clients
  • Our VIP client package
  • All aspects of encore package included
  • White-labelled document templates
  • Close collaboration on new innovations
  • Full on-boarding & support plan included

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